Ronin. RAFFLE!

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Time for a monster Ronin Blade! This was actually a custom order but there was a crack that formed in it during the quench. I welded some metal in the crack and it's still a super functional solid and even beautiful blade. How about this... I’m so confident in it... if you win it and break it, I’ll make you another one. It’s a monster too. 1/4” thick forged O1 tool steel. Over 18” long with a deep fuller running through the blade to lighten and add great looks. rThe handle is made from an old bourbon barrel. Gives it such character and a unique look. Epoxy cured Ito wrap on top for great grip and even better looks. Will come with an aged leather sheath to complete the look. Just a great looking functional crazy blade. Thanks for all the continued support! Means a lot. Good luck! This one has 80 spots. Buy as many as you’d like. Winner will be picked in my Instagram feed. Includes USA shipping. If you want to enter from another country you’ll just have to pay extra shipping if you win. I view these as my patreon but you guys have a chance to win something really cool. Means a lot. They used to fill up crazy quick but Instagram has been throttling makers lately so my reach is less. Sometimes it can take a little while. Appreciated!