The Tatakau 1

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I haven't made these for a long time. It started as a fully custom knife years ago but I've been honing it and thinking about it for awhile now. Well it's time to bring it back. Tatakau is Japanese for "fighter" and it seems a fitting name for these blades. Made from 1/4" thick forged 80crv2 steel. Handles are bourbon barrel oak core with epoxy ito wrap. They made for really great looking and super grippy handles. Hand guard on top and bottom means this blade isn't coming out of your hand unless you want it to. Comes with a hand dyed, pressed leather sheath. This is an ancient technique used to make leather armor long ago. Functions similar to kydex, fits the look of these knives really well and won't scratch the blade. Also comes with a grip clip that can be worn on the belt or in the pocket.