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Help support this small maker and possibly win an epic set of knives! About 2 months ago I had a major seizure and wasn’t able to make knives for 6 weeks. I’m trying to make up some of that income I didn’t make through some raffles. You get to support an artist and I get to keep getting better at my craft AND you could possible win some pretty great stuff. So what’s up for grabs? A set of these Ronin Ito wrapped blades. The smaller one is a prototype of a new edc blade I’m working on for Blade show and the bigger one is a primitive outdoor Chefs knife forged from a bar of 80crv2 steel. Two great knives that go great together. 100 spots. Get as many as you like. I’ll randomly pick and winner and make a video on my instagram feed. Truly appreciate each and every one of you! Means a lot.