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I'm really loving how these came out. These definitely fall into the category of "I want to keep this for myself" Two very different blades that go perfectly together. Both are made from 80crv2 steel which is a great steel designed for forging. The tanto is 19" over all with a bourbon barrel oak core and epoxy ito wrap on top. Very grippy and just great looking. The spike knife is made from beefy 3/8" steel with the same handle set up. Keep both for yourself or give one as a gift to a friend.

How these raffles work. These really help us as a small business stay afloat in uncertain and crazy times. This on will have 120 spots at $10 per spot. Once all the spots are filled I'll make a video of me randomly picking a winner and send all those that entered this video in an email. (check your email because I've been told it's been going to spam sometimes) If you win I'll send you a seperate email just to confirm but I usually just ship to whatever address you provided when buying a spot. If you didn't win you have my undying gratitude for taking a chance and supporting me as a maker and artist. Means a lot. Better luck next time!